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Empire Records - Sugar High

What your favourite video game {series} says about you

Halo: You regularly visit your old frat house.
Minecraft: You’re a very attentive lover.
Dead or Alive: You spit a little when you talk.
Team Fortress 2: You unfavorably compare “anime-ized” modern cartoons with Tex Avery classics.
Starcraft: You like cooking, but not baking.
Wii Sports: You have other couples over for “taco night”.
Call of Duty: You have bedhead.
Grand Theft Auto: You sometimes swear near children just to demonstrate your Constitutional free speech rights.
Angry Birds: When you discuss “smart sitcoms” you lump How I Met Your Mother in with Community and 30 Rock.
Half-Life: You play piano.
Leisure Suit Larry: You forward jokes about Obama to your family.
Katamari Damacy: You’re one of those people who eats a lot but doesn’t get fat.
Guitar Hero: You don’t play guitar.
Super Mario: Your regular shoes are sneakers.
Portal: You’ve started a Twitter hashtag game.
Street Fighter: You can’t spell some words.
Braid: You save old Moleskines full of doodles.
Tetris: You wear a short-sleeved shirt and tie to work.
Skyrim: You’re working on a novel.
Duke Nukem: You say “I’m street smart, not book smart.”
Pac-Man: You’re the last surviving consumer of Good & Plenty.
Snood: You’re the oldest intern at a company you make fun of after hours.
BioShock: You’re not an asshole, you just think that without government subsidies of big business, capitalism would be less vilified.
Diablo: You adjust your wardrobe around planning to headbang.
Civilization: You get excited by the bulk bins at Whole Foods.
The Sims: You like painting your fingernails multiple colors.
Roller Coaster Tycoon: You wish you’d saved your favorite Lego set from childhood.
World of Warcraft: You’re baffled that this hasn’t fully replaced golf.
Madden Football: You manage a gas station.
Battlefield: You don’t give a shit about craft beers.
Neverwinter Nights: Your girlfriend often asks you, “Tell me a story.”
Bejeweled: Your children miss you.
Deus Ex: Every year, you get a little closer to converting your parents from Christians to agnostics.
Left 4 Dead: You helped all your friends move.
Flight Simulator: You love maximizing your deductions.
Command and Conquer: You read alternate history novels.
Fallout: You know how to arch your right eyebrow, but not your left.
NBA Jam: You drink soda.
L.A. Noire: You know not to wear a fedora with anything but a suit.
Spacequest: You’ve uploaded some skits onto YouTube.
Mirror’s Edge: You eat dark chocolate.
Counter-Strike: You’re really nice to your dog.
Sonic the Hedgehog: You eat hot dogs without ketchup.
Monkey Island: You joke about your useless liberal arts degree, but you’re proud of it.
Age of Empires: You’ve read Guns, Germs and Steel.
Assassin’s Creed: You don’t think it’s fair that trenchcoats are still associated with kids who shoot up their schools.
Donkey Kong Country: You prefer the British Office.
Battletoads: You think your friends are joking when they call you an asshole.
Gran Turismo: Sometimes you have to recite parts of the alphabet to yourself.
Plants vs. Zombies: You say, “All that matters is my car gets me from Point A to Point B.”
Heavy Rain: You’re getting over a personal crisis.
Zelda: You go in for hugs instead of handshakes.
Metal Gear Solid: You think that suicidal people should just go on cool death-defying missions.
Earthworm Jim: You and your friends say “…Her?” instead of “Really?”
Pokemon: Your boyfriend says you make him feel old.

Nymh - Hard Like Heroic

For all the gamers out there. Enjoy!